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Look no further, we at London Escorts are currently starting our monthly recruitment. We are looking for special kind of girls, not only stunningly beautiful, jaw-dropping gorgeous, but also educated and well behaved. You need to treat your body like a temple, we do not need any employees with drug or alcohol habits. You need to work out regularly, visit a tanning salon from time to time, and generally take good care of yourself, trimmed and shaved body hair is desirable as well. As an escort in a metropolis like London, you need to be fluent in English and preferable another language, our clients come from different background, what will happen if you get hired by a Nigerian drug lord and you can not speak a word in Nigerian? Same thing goes about a general etiquette, we can have you ripping a massive fart during a fancy dinner in one of London’s high end restaurants.

Our employees apart from obvious, physical attractiveness, have to be able to mold into any situation required by the customer, after all it is your duty to make him happy, satisfy all his needs. That is pretty much all that we require of our escorts in London, you must be curious as of what can we offer you in exchange.

Well, our London Escorts, as long as they pass through the whole recruitment process, can offer you multiple benefits, such as a very high payment. Our Escorts in London can afford a very comfortable living, comfortable enough to rent an apartment, buy a car, or even save up to open your own business in a short while. It truly is a job with perspective, you can definitely make plans for the future. We also offer you a range of perks connected with the job and how we would like to represent us, for instance a gym membership with spa and sauna access, a tanning salon membership, stuff like that. We also offer you a health and life insurance, you have to understand that keeping our London Escorts healthy is of utmost importance, for both us and our clients.

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